Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Extractor – Review


Vibosoft is the Best iPhone, iPad, iPod Backup Extractor or you can say Vibosoft is the Best Backup Generator for all your Apple Devices.

Yes we all need a Backup Extractor software at some stage but where we lack is finding the best software. Right ? 

There are 100’s of Apple Devices Backup Generator Software are available in the Market but I must say Vibosoft stands out and its the best one I found out yet amongst any other.

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Why Vibosoft is the Best Backup Extractor ?

Well, most of you people like me will definitely prefer to take backup from your computer using iTunes.

And that Backup will of course help you in future but what if you just lost your data and you don’t have any backup in your iTunes account ?

Don’t worry! Vibosoft will Extract all your Data even if it is got deleted. That’s amazing isn’t it ? Pretty much it is 

Which Apple Devices works with Vibosoft ?

Vibosoft supports almost all Apple Devices. But here are the list in case if you want to make sure.

  • iPhone (Works with iPhone 6 & 6 plus too)
  • iPad ( Works with iPad Air too)
  • iPod

Features of ViboSoft ?

There is huge list of Vibosoft’s features so I cannot just cover all of its features in this one simple post.

However, I’ll try to covers just main and important features here.

  • Vibosoft has ability to Extract dozens of Files so don’t you worry if you just lost your fully loaded iPhone data. Vibosoft will help you to recover all.
  • Vibosoft not only extract backup of your iPhone files but it also helps you to recover Contacts, Emails, Music, Videos. Call History, Notes, Reminders, Voice memos, your Safari Bookmarks even.. etc…
  • You can easily Backup Text Messages from iPhone to Computer !
  • You can also Review files at Real time so just in case if you don’t want to recover each and every file that you lost. It will save your lot of time.
  • Vibosoft can save your file as Readable format on your Computer.
  • You Can easily Save iPhone Contacts as CSV on Computer.
  • I can just go on and on with this list.. but I’d like to end here.

There are pretty much all the necessary as well as more helpful features available in Vibosoft which definitely help you to do much more then just Extracting from a Backup.


When I checked the Software Price I’d thought it might be costing around in between $500-$1000 or even more as its worth is way much highers because of their amazing software features. But you know what ..? 

Vibosoft iPhone, iPad and iPod Extractor is available just for $39.95. Yes you heard it right.

So go and grab it now before the Price increases. Also they are having Christmas Sales right now you can check their Page here.

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Vibosoft is the Best Apple Products Data Extractor Software I’ve found till now and its really amazing.

I should tell you that you must buy it as its really cheap in Price and really helpful and worthy software.

Let me know what are your Views about this ?