Top 10 Best File Manager for Android Devices


Hello folks! Today I am going to tell you about the 10 best file managers for the android device.

Now most of the people in our surroundings have an android device.

Most of the android devices comes equipped with file managers from their respective manufacturers.

These file manager’s helps you to do some basic tasks like copying, moving, renaming, deleting file…etc.

Android is advancing from day to day .so as the android these files mangers are also getting advanced day by day.

These advanced features cannot be offered by the deice manufactures, so in order to solve this problem many third-party file manager apps comes into the picture to solve this problem.

Here are some of the best File manager apps for android listed below:-

best file manager android


  • It should be able to do some primary tasks like copying, moving, deleting, renaming files.
  • It should be able to show thumbnails for the media files so that search of files becomes faster.
  • Here’s the last thing the file manager should have a clean UI (User interface) so that it should become user friendly to all of the users who uses it.

There are numerous file managers’ apps available on Google play store but these are the some of the best file managers available for android devices.

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Astro File Manager

Download astro file manager

It is one of the best file manager’s apps available for android.

This app lets you to manage and organize your local files and cloud files.

You have option to connect it to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive cloud storage services.

ASTRO is an ads supported app, if you want to get rid of those ads then you can purchase pro version of it.

The best feature feature of this app is its ability to search for files in android just by typing the keywords of the file name or you can narrow your search to only specific locations of your device’s memory.

This is really awesome that’s why I’ve placed it on 1st in the list of 10 Best file manager for android devices.

You can download Astro file manager from Google play easily, just search it there and you will get it.

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ES File Explorer

Download ES File explorer

It is also one of the popular file managers for android having over 100 million of downloads on Google playstore.

It has a multi-functionality capability and has download manager, system manager and much more.

This app does all the basic tasks easily without any hiccup. It can also be additionally used for archiving and compressing files.

It also supports most of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive…etc. The best part of this app is that it is totally ads free.

X-plore File Manager

Download xplore file manager

This is an app that supports dual-pane tree view, which helps you to view two folders at a once.

This view helps you to easily copy and move files from one folder to another folder.

It perform all the basic file management operations seamlessly.

It also allows you to most of the cloud storage services, Picasa albums, and zip and unzip files.

Additional features include built-in image viewer, hex viewer, Wi-Fi file sharing, SFTP.

Ghost Commander File Manager

Download Ghost commander

It is also one of the customizable file manager app which perform all the primary taskseasily.

It also had cloud services,bult in FTP client, ZIP archive support and built in text editor.

You can personalize the app such that you can change the color,font size, language according to your personal preferences.

The best part of this app is that it allows users to change file permission and execute their own shell commands.

This particular feature is only available on the rooted android devices.

FX File Explorer

This app helps you to manage most of the content on your android device easily.

It comes with a nice UI with plenty of features to handle most of file management needs.

It comes equipped with built-in image viewer, hex viewer,text-editior and cleaning tools for removing duplicate files.etc.

On the flipside this app does not offer access to cloud services and a lot of other free file managers do, this access becomes available when purchase plus version of its if you need to access the additional features you need to purchase it.

File Expert

This is an ad-supported file manager app with a clean UI and offers some unique features like File Shredder (for permanently deleting files) and Safe Box (for hiding files) for the paid version.

It offers a tabbed interface so it becomes easy to move from on folder to another folder.

Sliding Explore

This app has a modern sort of flat look.

The special features is –you can add folder to your favourites list and access them quickly in a simple left to right swipe But the downside of app is theirs is no search feature to search files


It has a clean and simple UI with all the essential features.

It is free of ads. It also doesn’t feature any search option. It can handle all the basic stuff easily.

File Wrangler

It is just a basic app with a beautiful UI.It also features dual-pane feature. This helps you to easily manage files form one folder to another folder.You can also add bookmark the most-used folders and files using Quick Draw.

Air Droid

This is a basic file management app but the real unique thing happens when you connect your phone to your desktop over the Wi-Fi through Air droid. Once you are connected you can access and manage your files from desktop.

These are some of the best file mangers for android. Let us know which file manager app are you using in the comments below.

These were some of the best file manager for android, there are some more also available but they aren’t the best which you could choose.

If you’ve any doubts or suggestions related to this article, comment them below. I will try my best to help you all.