The Best ways to Send Large Files online for Free


Do you ever got in a situation when you have to send a large file to someone else and you tried to attach the file with E-mail and it didn’t worked?

Then don’t worry today i will show you the best services you can use to send large files online free without registration.

If you want to send large files with services like gmail, yahoo, outlook then you cannot send as they have a limit of 25 MB.

So you cannot send large files directly. You can use winrar in order to divide the large file in several parts and then attach all of them and send but doing this is a big headache.

So clear one thing in mind, do you want headache or you want to use a simple service using which you can send large files online for free.

You can also use some other services to send large files online which i will be discussing below.

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Send Large Files online

If you think that Google only has services like Gmail which can only send file upto 25 MB, then i must say,

In which Era you are living in? Let me clear you google also has some services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc you can use to send large files online.

There is limit in each of these, but still the limit is somewhat bigger than that of Gmail.

You can share max of 1 GB of data using one drive, but you have total control of 1 TB, yeah that is 1 Tera byte but you can’t use it for one file.  

If you are Uploading your files to dropbox using desktop application then there is no limit but if you are using a website then you can upload file upto size 10 GB at a time.

Some other Services

There are also some other services you can use to send large files online free without registration which i am mentioning below. here they are:-

  1. Drop Send – You can use this service to send important file to your clients for free online, it allows you to send files upto 4 GB. You can store your files and use them later, you don’t have to install any software, and the main thing you can also share/send stored files to other using this.
  2. We Transfer – You can transfer password protected file upto 10 GB. You don’t have to register for this service, just enter your email address then the Recipients email address and click on send after attaching files, this is as easy as a piece of cake. I hope you understood
  3. Infinit – It is also an awesome application, and run, you can send any file having any size to anyone. Just drag the attachment to this application and add recipient and just click on send, that’s it. It’s that easy but the recipient has to accept the file first then the transfer will take place. This app is available for both platforms, that are Windows and Mac. It supports resumable uploads or downloads, which means, if your internet suddenly stop working or something else happened then you can continue it any time easily. This is the best and the easiest way to share your files online for free. In order to send file using Infinit, the sender and the receiver both should have Infinit app installed on their PC or Mac.

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You can also use Skype app to send documents, photos, pdf file etc to anyone to your skype contacts.

There is no limit on the number of files and the size of file you can send through skype.

Just start a chat, audio or video call to the recipient and choose the send file option and send the file you want to send.

There are several more free services you can use. some of them are also good but the services listed above are best, and Dropbox is simply awesome, use it anytime at any place for free.