5 Bullet Proof Ways to Earn Money Online


Many people asks me about making money online.

Some are my online friends and some are real life friends, the online friends easily understand about earning money by blogging but those who are not aware of blogging didn’t understand this method.

So here by I am sharing this method to earn money the both ways.

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That is with and without a blog.  In this article i will explain different methods to Earn money online

Best ways to earn money online

If you understand then you can use any of these methods. 😉 so let’s start instead of just wasting time.


This is the best way to express yourself in front of others and earn money online.

To start with blogging you have to learn several tactics like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization and the last but not the least that is passion.

if you have these qualities then no one can stop you to earn money online.


Many people earns good money by freelancing. If you don’t know blogging then that’s not a matter of concern, you can still earn money.

In freelancing you have to do the work given by others according to your needs.

Now if you have a thought what to do then find the topic which are expert at. 😉 are you expert in article writing?

Are you expert in search engine optimization?

Are you expert in Photoshop?

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Or anything else which you are interested in and have some knowledge about.

It’s a common question from many people how to find clients?

This is the main part.. If you can find clients then you can easily earn a huge money by doing their work.

To find clients just use sites like fiverr or seoclerks. Just upload your gig there and learn about these sites and will directly contact you 

Write for Bubblews

You can also write articles on some well authoritive sites which Really pays. One of these type of sites is Bubblews.

Just write some articles on their site, promote them on facebook, twitter, google+ and on other social media sites.

You will also get traffic from Google. More the views on your article more will be the earning.

Just visit bubblews using this link and sign up there! After signing up just write as many articles as you can and promote them and simply see $$$ rolling in! 😉

Promote your link with Shorte.st

Just find some trending topics or trending youtube videos and join some Facebook groups, google+ Communities etc.

Shorten the video link with Shorte.st and promote them on every social media you have heard of. Mainly on Facebook! Shorte.st will pay you according to the visitors you will receive on that link.

Many people under my relation earns more than 200$ per month without a blog using shorte.st

If you want to join shorte.st then click on there below banner.


YouTube is a site where people share their videos. Three are many ways by which you can earn money from YouTube like YouTube AdSense, CPA offers, advertising and much more.

You have to just upload your video on YouTube and start experimenting. If your video gets 1 lakh+ views then you can make decent amount of money with AdSense.

If you have any more ideas about YouTube then must leave them in comment section below.

Up To you

There are many more strategies to earn money online but it’s up to you that you are utilizing it in a good way or not.

If you have 10+ ideas but you are not applying then you cannot make money, perhaps if you have only 1 idea and you are using it then surely you will make good amount of money in future

Thanks for reading if you have any doubts then please comment below. I am here to help you.