Top 50 Free Proxy Sites : Free Proxy Servers List 2023


Proxy Sites list 2020 : When you go to your school or colleges, you may find there many of the best sites like Facebook, youtube, Twitter are blocked.

You can use Proxy sites list 2020 for it. You can access such sites easily using some proxy sites.

These proxy sites allows you to access blocked sites on a computer easily.

Many times the owner of a website blocks their websites in your region. On such times, you can use these Free Proxy Servers List 2020 and can access such sites.

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If it’s very urgent and you’ve to use blocked sites, then these proxy sites list is the only hope for you. Using these, you can easily access the blocked websites on the computer which you are accessing.

Proxy sites also let you surf anonymously online.

You can also use Virtual private networks(VPN) to unblock sites also. Here is an example of a blocked website:-

You can easily use any proxy sites listed here.

You’ve to just open that website and enter the URL of the blocked site which you need to access at your place, that’s it. Beware!!! many proxy sites contain malware, viruses and worms and can steal your passwords and other informations.

You can checkout how a proxy website works while connecting you to a blocked website:-

So, for you all.. Today I am going to share the Top 50 Best Proxy Sites List : free Proxy Servers List 2020 which you can use to access blocked websites in your PC.

Most of the proxy websites here are providing you Https support, many of them are saying to change your IP address yourself.

Using these proxy sites list, you can easily unblock Facebook, twitter, or any other social media sites which are blocked.

This is the list of most of the best proxy servers, ssl proxy servers and reverse proxy. So, here is the top 50 best proxy sites list:

Top 50 Best Proxy Sites List 2020

  1. HideMyAss –
  2. Proxify –
  3. Ninja Clock –
  4. AnonyMouse –
  5. AnonyMizer –
  6. kProxy –
  7. BlewPass –
  8. Zfreez –
  9. Vobas –
  10. Don’t Filter –
  11. Vtunnel –
  12. –
  13. New Ip Now –
  14. –
  15. 4everproxy –
  16. Unblock My Web –
  17. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  18. Working Proxy –
  19. Free Open Proxy –
  20. Proxy 2014 –
  21. Unblock YouTube Free –
  22. Free YouTube –
  23. HideOnline Proxy –
  24. Rapid Proxy –
  25. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  26. Hiding Your Info –
  27. Unblocker –
  28. Fast USA Proxy –
  29. YouTube Free Proxy –
  30. Proxyo –
  31. HideMyAss UK –
  32. F4FP –
  33. TiaFun-
  34. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  35. WebSurf Proxy –
  36. Fish Proxy –
  37. DZ Hot –
  38. 1FreeProxy –
  39. Sporium –
  40. Saoudi Proxy –
  41. Proxy Browse –
  42. Proxy Internet –
  43. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  44. German Proxy –
  45. CA Proxies –
  46. Proxy 2020 –
  47. FB Proxies –
  48. America Proxy –
  49. PK Proxy –
  50. Suede Proxy –


All the proxy sites listed above are safe to use and browse.

Still, if you’re finding any problem in using any of the sites from the proxy sites list then you can comment below.

You can also watch free movies online from sites which are having country wise restrictions using these proxy servers.

You can also use some of the best Virtual private networks to browse much safer.

Some of the best free VPN, I will updating soon on this blog. Subscribe to us for more such tutorials.

Now I think you got some enough decent Proxy servers sites list through which you can access blocked websites easily without any trouble.

Shoot your doubts in the comment section below.

Top 50 Free Proxy Sites : Free Proxy Servers List 2020