Unlinked APK – Free App Downloader for Android


Unlinked APK is one of the best bulk file and app downloading platforms that is developed for various operating systems and devices.

This can also be described as a great alternative to the FileLinked platform which was used to be very popular with millions of users around the world.

unlinked apk main image

However, FileLinked disappeared suddenly without a race and it is believed to be discontinued this resulted in the development of so many apps as alternatives.

But, not all of these platforms are reliable and perform as the FileLinked platform and therefore, Unlinked APK is one of the few apps that are able to give even better performance than the original platform.

Why Unlinked APK Can Be Recommended to Everyone?

Unlinked App comes with dozens of great features that can be so useful for its users and they are discussed below.

Unlike other platforms, Unlinked APK is based on a system that is working on codes which means every app on the system has a specific code that is allocated with it.

In order to find a specific app on this platform, you have to find the code that is allocated with it which you can easily find on many websites.

And one of the attractive things about this application is that you can download apps and files as bundles which saves a lot of time.

There are dedicated codes for these bundled apps and files so you can download them by putting the code in the search menu on the Unlinked APK.

Another great feature of this platform is that there are so many apps that you can download from this platform that is not available on popular app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

FileLinked is a very light application and it does not eat up your ram slow down your device. You don’t have to worry about that.

There are so many additional features of this application that you can see below as a list.

  • Simplified and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Multi operating system supportability.
  • Centralized control panel for easy usage.
  • Completely free to download and use.
  • Option to create public and private app stores on the platform.
  • More access to different apps as there are so many stores created.
  • Safe to download and use.

And many more.

With all these great features are combined, Unlinked APK can be recommended for everyone without any hesitation.

Further, this application has the supportability for various operating systems and devices as mentioned above, and downloading and installation process is different for each operating system and device.

So please download this application according to your operating system.