Reaper – Android Action Game


Reaper. One of the fantastic games to play in your Android. This is an action game full of challenges and excitements. Try it now in your Android and experience the thrill of action gaming.

About the game Reaper

The game is very simple to play but full of actions. In here you are a reaper or a black swordsman. You are there in a forest where there are many more competitors who try to take the power over the forest. You have to compete with all these oppositions.  There are imperials, some machines and etc. that comes to battle with you. Win over all these challenges and experience the thrill.

The 2D graphics of the game are very simple. But very attractive. They are very colorful and personally I love them. Most of the time the graphics are developed from simple lines and shapes.

Gaming control is also very easy. There are hundreds of quests and missions to play in this game play. All are very quick and interesting. No need to play for a longer time to reach the climax of joy. As soon as you start to play the game you will get addicted to it. Very interesting game to play in your short free time. Relax your mind by playing this wonderful game.

You can play this game on Android TV boxes too. Support all most all TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, Amazon Fire TV Stick and all. You can use Google play store, Amazon App Store, Filelinked and Aptoide TV to download and install this game for free.

Some features of the game

The wilderness is full of secretes to uncover and there are many powerful enemies to overcome as well. It is full of magic also. Be brave and walk through the victory along forest, volcanos, caves, ice and so on.

There are so many characters you meet while playing the game. Up to 10 characters you can play the game for free. But if you need to play further then go for the paid version. But don’t be disappointed. You can have expected fun and joy through the game.

Your hero, the reaper or the black swordsman is equipped with several weapons. There are about 8 items that can use as weapons here. Some are hoods, rings, boots, swords, gloves and so on.

Moreover, the reaper can use about 7 attacks. Each with its unique characteristics and output. Some of the attacks include Auto attack, Stomp, Uppercut etc.

You can level up the game when playing further and there you will be able to meet powerful and stronger enemies, as well can equipped with more powerful weapons and also the skills.

If you begin to play the game you will never stop it for sure. Google Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide offers you this nice game. Try it in your every Android device including the large screen Android TV.

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