Peacock TV- Provides An Alternative To Cable Television


Peacock TV App is a new streaming service that has been introduced in the market.

It offers premium content such as movies, tv shows, and live tv channels. Some of its features include no ads and free trial period for 7 days.

Peacock TV main image

Peacock TV provides an alternative to cable television providers like Comcast Xfinity and DirecTV Now.

Distinct Traits Of Peacock TV App

Peacock TV App has a lot to offer with its wide variety of streaming options, including movies, tv shows, and live tv channels.

This service is offered by an American company that is based in San Francisco.

Moreover, it also offers a wide range of content for their customers and also offers a free trial period with no obligation to purchase.

It has been designed with an aim to provide users with a wide range of content in their pocket.

The Peacock TV app is a relatively new service that has been introduced recently.

The company also offers its users a premium subscription for just $14.99 per month.

Further, it offers streaming options such as movies, tv shows, and live tv channels.

This app has a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 and it has an offline mode which allows users to watch the content on any device.

Peacock TV App offers a lot of content for its subscribers such as movies, the app has a variety of movies from popular genres like action, horror, thriller, and comedy.

They have movies that are available to watch on demand and tv shows, the app has an array of popular tv shows from networks such as HBO and FX.

Live TV Channels, the app offers live tv channels for its subscribers too.

In addition. it also offers access to some of the most popular entertainment content in the world in a simple-to-use app.