How I got Alexa Rank under 200,000 in just 2 Months


I have started that blog on 8th April 2020, just correct 2 months before from now. Today i am very happy as i got Alexa rank under 2 lakh in just 1 month and 28 days.

So today i am sharing how i decreased my alexa rank and some tips to improve alexa rank.

On 6th june i got Alexa rank under 2 lakh, many people messaged me on facebook how i done it so after two days i am sharing how i improved my alexa rank and got 2 lakh rank like a boss in just 2 months.

Read till the end if you want to know how to increase alexa rank in short time.

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What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is a web information company which give a particular rank to each and every website according to it’s popularity which involves links coming to it and total traffic per day.

Alexa counts only the hits which passes through their system that means they counts hits of the visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar in their blog.

Now you will be thinking who installs alexa toolbar?

and the answer is ‘we’ the bloggers and webmasters install alexa toolbar.

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Strategies I used to improve Alexa Rank

Installed Alexa Toolbar and widget

I have installed alexa toolbar in my browser and places alexa widget on my blog, it really played a great role for me in getting good alexa rank.

You should also install these 2 and you will see the benefits itself rolling in.

Right Niche Selection

I mainly write about blogging and seo tips on this blog, this lead to an huge increase in my alexa rank as the visitors visiting my blog have installed alexa toolbar and so i got good alexa rank.

I create backlinks for my blog

I regularly comment on others blog posts and got traffic from there, and Alexa also measures the site popularity as i said above by measuring the number of websites/blog are linking back to your website/blog.

You should comment on commentluv enabled blogs to get more traffic but always remember don’t comment like a bot, comment something useful which deserves to be approved.

I post Frequently on my blog

If you are a regular reader of my blog then it’s sure that you know i post regularly on my blog and share quality articles.

If you want to get good alexa rank then update your blog frequently, write quality articles, quality article means it should have good number of words and should not be copied.

If you will do so then Alexa will ignore you and will not give you good rank.

Got Traffic from Bloggers

Most of the readers of my blog are blogger’s and have installed alexa toolbar in their browser.

This helped me to rank well in Alexa.

I have to say to Blogging niche plays very well in alexa ranking.

I write 500+ words posts

If you are loyal reader of my blog then you must know that my maximum post have 500+ words.

It is also considered as an Ranking factor by Alexa. If you will write long posts then there is a far more better chance of good alexa rank.

So always write longs posts and don’t copy Content from Anywhere.

That’s it, I used these strategies to get good alexa rank, If you want to get good alexa rank then follow these tips.

You can share your experiences in the comment section below.

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